vortical filament


Tech Rider: The conceptual simplicity of this piece leads to easy and efficient installation and maintenance requirements.

The piece is entirely dependant on the conditions of the exhibition space with a desired dimension between 25 and 50 m2. There is no strict rule for the configuration as the composition of the field is created on site. The preferred conditions would be a dark lit space. However this is entirely negotiable.
Vorticose has a very low impact on any installation space. It only requires the installation of motors and lights in the ceiling and the installation of wiring and cabling for sound, motor controls and power. The installation period itself should take no more than 3 days. 1 day for installation + 1 day for calibration. The contents of the piece (aside from lighting, sound and power cabling) can fit inside a box easily transportable on a plane.
While the technical rider has a request for maintenance access, the installation that is currently underway at the SAT has been in continuous operation without any trouble over the last seven days. Aside from lighting and sound, it has little draw on electricity (currently 250ma per motor).

In the case where personal maintenance is not a possibility, training for the piece is very simple and the artist will provide supplemental prepared motors and microprocessors for easy replacement.

all aspects to be discussed / with the venue are denoted by an asterix

Space installation requirements. (negotiable) *
– High ceiling space (3.4 – 5 meters) preferably painted black
(the oscillating devices are installed and calibrated in-situ)
– Black curtains or backdrop for part or entirety of piece.
(for contrast)
– Lighting or technical trellis in ceiling with 5 to 10 additional trellis pipes for installation and distribution of motors and electrical channeling.

Access and Security requirements. *
– 2 to three days for the installation period (dependant on the conditions of the space allocation)
– Daily access with ladder for maintenance and inspection during off hours.
– Safe location for tools, back up materials and equipment to be accessible to artists. (two 24 x 15 x 15 cm containers with a small tool box)
– Safe and hidden location for sound, computer control at an accessible location on the ground and within 6 meters of the installation.

Support for installation and maintenance: *
– Movable scaffolding (height depending on space allocation) for 1-2 days of the install.
– High ladder with tray for last part (fine tuning and calibration) of the install and occasional maintenance during the course of the installation operation.

Sound * (partial)
– Motu (or equivalent firewire interface) (negotiable + provided by artist)
– Macintosh power book or mini with Ableton live 8 + max for live and arduino software. (provided by artist)
– 4 Powered monitors (provided by venue)*
– 40 meters of balanced cables and feed to Motu (provided by venue)*
– 6 piezo vibration microphones with insulated cabling and ¼ balanced plugs for interface. 6 pre amps. (provided by artist)
– 2 high gain microphones and cabling to interface. (provided by artist)

Installation * (partial)
– 30 v DC 10 amp regulated power supply (motors). (negotiable + can be provided by artist)
– 12v 2500ma regulated power supply (microcontrollers) (provided by artist)
ac power for lighting, sound system and computer sound system. (provided by venue) *
– 4 power bars. (negotiable + provided by artist)
– 20 meters of extension cable. (provided by venue) *

Motor system and drivers:
– 20 – 40: 12 volt dc motors .5 amps each with snubber diode (provided by artist)
– 1: arduino mega with 5 – 10 double motor controller shields (provided by artist)
– wiring: (entirely dependant on configuration of space) (negotiable + provided by artist)
– power: 200 – 300 meters of high flex multistrand 22 awg wire. (negotiable + provided by artist)
– Microcontrollers: 20 – 40 meters of 5 strand 26 awg solid core data cable. (provided by artist)
– 10 meter USB connection cable or Bluetooth communication. (provided by artist)
– 40 – 80 alligator test clips (provided by artist)

Motor infrastructure
– Adjustable plumbing clamps for motor bodies. (provided by artist)
– 200 30 cm plastic tie wraps for cable security. (provided by artist)

Oscillating device
– 160 – 320 meters of high visibility (fluorescent) fly fishing line. (provided by artist)
– 20 – 40 rotational fishing weights. (provided by artist)
– 20 – 40 1mm – 3mm shaft collars (provided by artist)
– 20 – 40 lightweight armatures (provided by artist)

Lighting: options *
(dependant on installation location) (negotiable +provided by artist)
– 4 – 8 80 w black light sources or (provided by venue)
– 12 – 20 par spotlights (provided by venue)
– 20 – 40 uv laser / penlights (provided by artist)

tech rider